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Vitamin & Nutrition Analysis

Most people can get all the vitamins they need by eating a healthy, balanced diet, but there are certain times in your life when you may not be able to get everything you need from food alone. Making sure you have the required vitamins in the body is crucially important for your health. Vitamins are an essential part of a healthy body and are needed for the body to function and grow properly. As well, they are needed to heal wounds, assist in the immune system and strengthening your bones. Being deficient in certain vitamins can lead to complications and increased risks to some diseases and disorders, so it is important to know the state of your body with a simple vitamin and nutrition test.

Low vitamin counts

Vitamins are vital in all aspects of your body, from energy production to healthy cells and properly a functioning nervous system. Having not enough of one or many vitamins, like the B-complex compounds is a sure-fire way of damaging the greatest asset you have; yourself.


Although many foods contain all the vitamins and nutrients we need for a healthy body, we often do not eat all the right food. Malnutrition or the improper balance of foods we eat can cause the body to lack certain things that it needs to function well. The average American diet consists of high fatty, high sugar, processed foods. Even some foods that may seem healthy, like a salad, are often times offset by the amount of dressing that is put in. Processed foods may have had all their nutrients and vitamins sucked out of them during their preparation phase.

A healthy diet

A healthy diet is oftentimes hard to achieve, especially in the high-stress environments that most people live and work in. And even more concerning is that the issues and problems that come with a diet that doesn’t give the body all the vitamins and nutrients that it needs sometimes will not become apparent until it is too late in life and you are much older.

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Being proactive

Having a proactive rather than a reactive approach to taking care of your body is the first step towards a more pain-free and healthy life, especially as we get older. Regular insight into the body’s levels of vitamins and nutrients is the key to being proactive and giving your body what it really needs.

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