Cypionate Injection


Testosterone Cypionate Injection

Testosterone is far from a one-trick pony. While many people mischaracterize testosterone deficiency as a condition that only affects your sex life, there are a number of issues that could be explained by low levels of testosterone. In fact, having a low level of testosterone can severely impact nearly all aspects of life, leaving many men scratching their head after exhausting other options.

Testosterone is the sex hormone that is found in high levels in men. Testosterone is responsible for physical developments during puberty, such as facial hair growth, muscle development, a deepening voice, and increased libido. Maintaining healthy testosterone levels is essential for long-term health in men.

Negative Effects of Low Testosterone

The most well-known adverse effect of lowering levels of testosterone is a marked decrease in libido. Men who experience low testosterone levels experience erectile dysfunction and less of a desire to have sex.

One of the most distinct signs of low testosterone levels is significant weight gain and, particularly, weight that won’t shed even with substantial changes in eating habits and a robust exercise routine. This is also usually accompanied by reduced muscle mass. You may have also tried medication to help lower your cholesterol without seeing desirable results. This is because increased cholesterol production is one of the body’s ways of attempting to replenish your body with more testosterone.

Having low levels of testosterone can also negatively affect your mood and energy levels. Men who suffer from low testosterone often experience symptoms of depression, have low energy and motivation, and will have trouble with mental clarity.

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Treating Low Testosterone

At VitaHealth, we can run thorough testing to determine your testosterone levels and will get you set up with treatment to get your testosterone levels back to a healthy level. Testosterone cypionate injection therapy is an effective method of replacing testosterone in the body to restore your hormones back to a healthy balance. Injections are done onsight in our comfortable facility by a medical doctor, who will also supervise the duration and dosage of your treatment.

You can be well on your way to feeling more like yourself again by undergoing testosterone cypionate injection treatment by our experts here at VitaHealth.

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