hCG Injections

Studies have shown that the use of hCG in tandem with a very low-calorie diet can produce weight loss by releasing the body’s unlocked calories stored in your abnormal fat.

Your body needs structural and reserve fats but does not need abnormal fat to survive. hCG injections refrain the body from losing muscle mass by elevating hormone levels and creating an anabolic state. This is especially important because, during a fast, dramatic loss of pounds with a very low-calorie diet, there is typically a high amount of muscle loss. This may look good on the scale, but when the body loses muscle mass it can be counterproductive in terms of shape, health, and metabolism.

The benefits of hCG are that a dieter can become leaner, without unwanted muscle loss. This allows for a stronger metabolism and helps hCG users to maintain their healthy weight loss after their diet is complete. At VitaHealth, we source the highest quality hCG and include complimentary weekly progress consultations.

Treating Testosterone Deficiency with Bioidentical HCG

At VitaHealth, we can help give your body a jumpstart in its testosterone by using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in the form of HCG. The hormone HCG is present in both men and women and acts differently for each sex. In women, this hormone is beneficial in helping women have healthy ovulation as well as a healthy pregnancy. In men, however, HCG acts as a luteinizing hormone (LH), meaning it stimulates natural testosterone production.

At our fully equipped and comfortable facility, we can discuss your symptoms and run blood tests to determine if testosterone deficiency is responsible for your health problems. From there, one of our medical doctors can prescribe a hormone replacement therapy with HCG to help boost your testosterone production and to get your body feeling whole.

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