Enclomiphene is used in the process of treating male hypogonadism (lower function of the reproductive organs) and is a single isomer with pure estrogen antagonism. Enclomiphene is a non-steroidal selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) and acts by increasing gonadotropin secretion and gonadal production of testosterone. Enclomiphene has the potential to help the reproductive status in men and improve metabolic profiles. It is a single isoform of the more abundant clomiphene and has much fewer side effects.


Enclomiphene citrate stimulates testosterone production while p-eventing oligospermia: a randomized phase II clinical trial comparing topical testosterone.
Objective: To determine the effect of enclomiphene citrate in men with secondary hypogonadism.
Methods: iws randomized phase IIB study enrolled 124 men with a morning serum T level of <250 ng/dL on 2 occasions. e subjects were randomized to one of two doses of enclomiphene citrate (12.5-mg or 25-mg), 1% topical testosterone, or placebo. Hormone levels of LH, FSH, and T and semen level were measured before, during and after 3 months of treatment.
Results: A total of 113 men received 3 months of treatment, and 73 completed the study and provided both baseline and at least 1 semen sample at the end of the study. All 3 active treatment groups showed significantly increased in total testosterone level from baseline compared with placebo, with no statistically significant difference in testosterone levels found between the active treatment groups compared with placebo.

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