Comprehensive Vitamin Panel


Comprehensive Vitamin Panel

What’s it used for?
This test is used to measure the amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, B12 and Folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin D 25- Hydroxy, Vitamin K1, Ferritin, Iron with TIBC (total iron binding capacity), Zinc in your body.
The human body depends on a balanced diet to acquire vitamins, as it cannot produce them on its own. Vitamins are essential for growth and development. This test may be used to spot deficiencies, ensure that an individual is absorbing the full spectrum of vitamins or nutrients and determine if supplements are needed.

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Comprehensive Vitamin Panel

Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy Measures the amount of vitamin D, an important factor in bone strength
Ferritin Measures level of ferritin to assess iron deficiency or iron overload
Vitamin B12 & Folate Measures the amount of B12 and folate (folic acid) to screen for nutrition or absorption issues and certain types of anemia
Vitamin C The Vitamin C blood test measures the levels of Vitamin C in the blood
Vitamin B6 The Vitamin B6 blood test measures the levels of Pyrodoxine in the blood
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) The Vitamin B1 blood test measures the levels of Thiamine in the blood
Iron & Total Iron Bindin Capacity (TIBC) Measures the amount of iron available to bind to proteins, providing additional
Zinc The Zinc blood test measures the level of zinc in your body
Vitamin K1 This Vitamin K blood test measures the level of Vitamin K in the blood
Vitamin A Measures the amount of vitamin A, an important factor in eye health
Vitamin E Measures the amount of vitamin E, an important factor in overall health
Beta Carotene Measures the amount of beta carotene, a factor in vitamin A levels

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