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Estrogen is an essential sex hormone in females that allows the reproductive system to function properly, but it also has a major impact all other aspects of life. If you have been feeling adverse symptoms that are affecting your daily life, they could be explained by low levels of estrogen.

When estrogen levels decrease, the results can be devastating on your body. You can experience, hot flashes, headaches, shortness of breath, and even weakening of the bones. Sudden and pronounced weight gain can also be a sign of low estrogen levels, along with fat transitioning from their thighs and hips to the abdominals.

Other symptoms of low estrogen levels can be even more devastating, such as feelings of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and memory loss. Since estrogen is the main hormone involved in allowing the reproductive system to function normally, low levels of estrogen will often result in vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and even infertility.

There are a variety of reasons for falling estrogen levels, with age being the most common factor. However, there are several other reasons you may be experiencing low estrogen other than age. Among the factors that are under your control include excessive exercise and being severely underweight. Other factors that can affect your estrogen levels include thyroid disorders, genetic conditions such as Turner’s Syndrome, or premature ovarian failure.

Replacing Estrogen Using Biest Cream

Biest Cream is a safe, effective, and easy method for replacing estrogen in the body in order to restore your estrogen back to healthy levels. Simply apply the cream to the surface of the skin to experience a revitalization in your overall wellness. One of our medical doctors will go over the exact site of application as well as duration and further instructions. Recapture your sense of wellbeing by choosing our solutions at VitaHealth.

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