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VitaHealth Wellness is an Integrative & Functional Medicine practice. We focus on natural ways to heal your body and manage your symptoms while uncovering the root causes of your illness.

Tired of the Same Old Story with the Same Old Results? Yeah, So are We.

Too often you visit your doctor’s office and wait long enough to have to take the day off work, only for your doctor to spend their five minutes of seeing you telling you all your results are normal. Only you don’t feel normal. Tangible symptoms such as chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal upset, or insomnia continue to make daily life a struggle, and the quick-fix prescriptions you keep getting only seem to add another problem for every other problem they “solve”.

If your trips to your doctor constantly feel like deja vu, then you simply aren’t getting the care you deserve. You’re also not alone.

It’s no secret that the current set-up of the American healthcare system is far from ideal, yet many people continue to rely on conventional healthcare since they see it as their only option. Unfortunately, conventional care leads to conventional results, leaving many problems untreated or improperly treated by throwing symptom masking prescription drugs at the patients. This is largely due to the fact that healthcare facilities are highly motivated to appease insurance companies, which tend to reward writing prescriptions rather than getting to the root problems.

And those “normal” results you’ve been getting? Well, those are based on the average numbers found within the American population, the same population where nearly three quarters of responders to a survey done by NYU Langone Medical Center reported experiencing chronic gastrointestinal upset.

Let’s Aim for a New Normal

At VitaHealth, we understand that getting to a healthier state means taking a departure from the old definition of “normal” and aiming for something better. We use state-of-the-art testing and assessments that measure your levels of hormones, nutrients, and other factors that play a role in your wellness. Rather than settling for making you feel normal by the set standard, we offer natural supplements and treatments that can help you feel great after eating, achieve restful sleep, experience sustained energy throughout the day, and feel sharp and focused in both your mind and body.

Discover your new normal at VitaHealth.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

You’ve gone to doctor after doctor to try to get to the bottom of what is causing your health problems, yet, there seems to be no clear answer. The solution to this mystery could be your hormone levels. Imbalances in these crucial hormones can have major impacts on your overall health and could be the root cause of a number of adverse symptoms.


Supplements can be a great way to support your body and overall health. Adding VitaHealth supplements to an existing healthy diet and positive lifestyle choices can be a powerful complement.

Lab Testing

VitaHealth Wellness provides affordable and comprehensive lab testing services directly to our patients.


VitaHealth provides FDA approved medications formulated and created to combat the effects of aging and help promote healthy weight loss.

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